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weddings today, have gone dry to say the least. they are often treated as a huge production of the finest church, venue--you name it.  what’s lost it the heart of it: two people madly in love, starting the rest of their lives together.  and that’s our movement comes in, to bring focus to what really matters

letʼs get to know one another over coffee--we wonʼt even talk prices or contracts because thatʼs not what itʼs about. your wedding day is about you.  tell us about you and we’ll create something that is simply you.

        meet us.

        experience our movement.

if you donʼt end up choosing us, at the very least youʼll have the chance to tell your love story to some fun-loving people over a cup of coffee =)

sam & jon had a very intimate wedding.  by that I mean, they spent a lot of times on the details.  take the programs for instance--thick card-stock wrapped in hemp, then bound manually with tin clips and then screen printed with a “B” for Balbarin.

that alongside the antiqued centerpieces, hand-written stone place cards, bouquets and everything imaginable, made this their wedding.


2012 • limited

2013 • open for love


p (312) 731 6768

h mon-thurs, 12pm-6pm

your story, seen.

through our lens.

we like to call it an investment. anyone can pick up a camera and splice a video together. if that was all we did, we wouldn’t be here.

our equipment is state of the art.

our cameramen are cinematographers.

our productions tell stories.

our editors are perfectionists.

beyond that is the soul of OPO CINEMA--to create more than just a product, but to offer an experience.  we build relationships with you so that our product is as close to perfect, not for us, but for you.

for this reason, we would love to first meet with you before we discuss the investment.

contact us if you have any questions.

the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask--so says our mothers.

memories are an investment.

in being a part of you wedding day, we do become part of your wedding day.  meaning that we will work with you and all of your other support--friends, family and vendors.  we want to ensure that what you get is not only the best vendors around, but the best team.  that is why we’d love for you to check out our friends--the people we trust.

together, we can make your one day, your day.

photo jimmy tan (preferred)            

photo isaac joel torres

dj x-fade entertainment

dj mixed media

decor art of imagination

bridal & floral design cattelya

people we trust.